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GOCAT Unmasked Gala

You’re wondering, “What is GOCAT doing now? Is this a masquerade ball?” While we were all masked for the past couple of years, the Greater Orange Community Arts Theater Foundation has been hard at work formalizing plans to build an arts theater in Orange.


So much has happened in the past two years and now we want to share with you what great progress we’ve made. Architects have developed a master design for our building based on the GOCAT governing board’s vision. The City of Orange and GOCAT have solidified the site for our theater at Grijalva Park. We have engaged with consultants to take us to the next phase. We are ready to have our “UNMASKED” gala, and we’ll unmask our plans for you! 


This special evening included a student art exhibit, silent and live auction, dinner, and live entertainment from students throughout our community.

Gala Thank You For the Memories_image.png
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